Become an Affiliate

Become an Affiliate

Attention Supervisors: Earn Money while Supporting Your Troops!


Are you a dedicated supervisor who wants the best for your troops? Are you passionate about their professional growth and success? Here’s an incredible opportunity to demonstrate your unwavering support and make a lasting impact on their careers.

Sign up as an Affiliate at Sprott’s School of Aviation, and every time a troop uses your name you will receive a percentage of the total course cost. The more referrals you get, the higher your percentage back!

Get paid for your assistance in your troops’ AFCOOL setup and empower them to achieve their educational goals and maximize their potential!


    Affiliate/Supervisor Contact:

    Take a minute to fill out this quick "Paid Supervisor" request form and earn some cash!

    Frequently asked questions


    Our referral program is very easy. Simply sign up to be an affiliate, and new students will be able to select your name when they register for a course.

    Once their funding is approved you will get paid a percentage of the total course cost. Percentages go up depending on your tier.

    Upon registering as an Affiliate you will be able to input a PayPal Link or Email, or you can give an address where we can mail a money order. 

    After the AFCOOL payment is processed we will send the money via PayPal or Money Order.

    No, all of the classes are online and self-paced. Our supervisor/referral program pays to simply help members through the AFCOOL process.