Become an Affiliate

Become an Affiliate

We offer two very easy ways to make money.


First, you can get paid for referrals. You will receive a percent of the total cost of the course. You will also move up in tiers the more referrals you do!


Second, you can sponsor a course. Our courses are online and self-paced, so sponsoring a course just consists of a review of the material and administering the test. To be a sponsor you must already have the certificate/license.




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    Take a minute to fill out this quick "Host a Course" request form and earn some cash!

    Frequently asked questions


    The referral program is very easy. Simply sign up to be an affiliate, and new students will be able to select your name when they register for a course.

    Once their funding is approved you will get paid a percentage of the total course cost. Percentages go up depending on your tier.

    Other schools require sponsors to do a “death by power-point” approach. Which requires sponsors to dedicate 6-12 hours, sometimes more.

    Our courses are all online, which means all they need from our sponsors is a quick review of the material and just a test proctor. Usually our sponsors spend less than 2 hours!

    Sprott Learning has a strict policy on not sharing, or reproducing any of our course materials.