Share to help a Veteran get a Free Cert!

Share to help a Veteran get a Free Cert!


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Frequently asked questions


The Free Certification program is something we offer to veterans of the US Military who may not have gotten to use their benefits when they were in service.

To be selected you will need to provide proof of your military service. 

Typically this can be done with a DD-214.

To apply simply fill out the form, and Sprott Learning LLC will be notified of your request, and you will be added to a waiting que.


A free token is generated after 10 students fully complete one of the courses. From there we will select one of the students in the waiting que.


Sprott Learning offers aircraft electronics technician courses to veterans and civilians to work with repairing and maintaining aircraft. Active-duty veterans can take the NCATT AET course to prove they have extensive avionics knowledge. Veterans trying to work for a civil employer can also show off their Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) acknowledged certificate.


Why Choose NCATT AET Course?


Sprott Learning is keen on helping current and retired veterans serve well and get paid what they deserve. After passing the NCATT AET course, students can get a lucrative career within the military or in other civil aviation companies. You can work in the manufacturing sector if you want to or if you need a more challenging work environment, you can work in aircraft repair shops.


The NCATT AET course has numerous benefits for students, but often, many worry about funding options. Active-duty airmen can get full funding through the AFCool program. Retired veterans can also get reimbursement for the course amount.


Free Certification for Veterans


Sprott Learning goes one step above all to help veterans by offering a free certification for a veteran under specific terms and conditions. We focus on helping veterans get better pay by upgrading their skills. So, to honor their service, we offer the NCATT AET course for free for every ten students that graduate the course. This means that, by enrolling in the program and simply passing the exam for your own benefit, you can pay it forward to help a needy veteran get the course for free.


We understand the need for highly specialized training to inspect, repair, and maintain critical electronic components of an aircraft. We connect veterans with industry leaders who have developed a fully educational online training program to make them better at what they do. Once the course fee is paid, the program can be accessed at any time for seven days, even though most students will complete the course within 3-4 days.


We are proud to offer our free certification offer for veterans because we care about giving back to the community. The founders of Sprott Learning are veterans themselves; thus, we are aware of the hardships our veterans go through daily. Our free certification offer is a simple gesture to pay respect to the veterans who work for our security and safety day in and day out.


We believe that our pay-it-forward free certification offer will help veterans who need this course to get better at their job. After completing our course, veterans can continue to serve active duty or return to working with civil aviation companies depending on their desire.


Our NCATT AET program is 100% online, and students can access their portal at any time during the validity of their course period. Once the course period expires, students should take the online proctored exam and get a 73% score to pass the exam. We offer multiple funding options to help veterans get funds to get certified. For every 10 students that graduate through us, we provide free certification for the next eligible veteran.


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